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About the Engineering Week

The forum aims to have discussions on the following sub-themes throughout the week:

Day 1: Emerging Technologies and their Impact on Engineering

Day 2: Sustainable Engineering Solutions for a Changing World

Day 3: Building a Resilient and Inclusive Engineering Community

Engineers Registration Board is proud to announce its 4th Annual Engineering Week/Forum to be held in Gaborone, from the 4th to the 8th of March 2024 under the theme:

Engineering Excellence: Shaping the Future

The forum seeks to provide a think tank for engineering discussions on issues, amongst others, of national concern. It will bring together players in the built environment, local and international engineering experts, policy makers, procuring entities and consumers of engineering services. It aims to provide an opportunity for dialogue on key topics that are of interest to the engineering community and other stakeholders.


  • Facilitate discussions on issues and concerns, including those of national concern
  • Addressing specific areas such as innovation and creativity in delivery of engineering services and projects
  • Highlight role of the engineering society in achievement of sustainable development
  • Create effective partnerships amongst key stakeholders
  • Provide a networking platform for all parties in the built environment including consumers of engineering services
  • Mobilize engineering innovation and creativity discussions that will contribute to the national agenda on innovation and sustainability
  • Provide platform for ideas to develop capacity in competence and opportunities for engineering graduates.



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